Our team

We are three Irish friends who strongly believe in maintaining relationships. Growing up on a small island means that many people move away from home for better opportunities. We struggled to keep in touch with the most important people in our lives. Be it birthdays, a new job or just an occasional catch up we wanted to be better. So we built Monaru.
We all have a desire to build and maintain our relationships. The positive health implications can so easily be forgotten in the clamor of daily life. Our time needs to be protected from the outside world to ensure we invest in the relationships most important to us.

Monaru is built on the idea that explicit time should be carved out to nurture and grow these relationships. We make sure you’re keeping in touch with the right people and take care of the details so that you can focus on the relationship itself.

Thoughtfulness is a skill, not a personality trait. Just like any skill, the right tool at the right time can magnify your ability. Our mission is to be just that tool.

Our mission

A note on privacy

We take your privacy very seriously. The data that you share with us is used to provide the service that you pay for. We will never pass your data on to a third party. Ever.

We use industry leading tools to help us provide this service which are listed in detail in our privacy policy. If you no longer wish to use our service, we will remove everything that relates to your account from our tools and system.

In short, we want to provide a relationship tool that you love and are happy to pay for, knowing that your personal data is secure.