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A virtual assistant that helps you build deeper connections with the people you really care about.

Why this matters

Dunbar's other number

Robin Dunbar discovered that humans can only maintain about 150 relationships. The same research found that we need 20 deep connections and 5 who you could rely on in a crisis.

The average American only has 2.[1]


Constant availability gives the illusion of connection. Online shopping, on-demand streaming, and working from home all corrode opportunities for human interaction.

Millennials are four times lonelier than seniors.[2]

Health and wellbeing

Human connection, a sense of belonging and community is the strongest determinant of a persons wellbeing. How we live defines how long we live.

Neglecting relationships is as bad for your health as 15 cigarettes a day.[3]

To have a better friend you need to be one.

How Monaru  works

Monaru Assistant

Getting to know you

15 Minute Chat

We organise an onboarding chat to learn about you and the important relationships in your life.

Investing time

You decide how much time you want to set aside to invest in these relationships each day, week, and month.

Gift Suggestions

You remembered their birthday. Now what...? We give you a gift suggestion that is perfect for them.


Every important moment is an opportunity for connection. We make sure you don't miss any and that you’re prepared ahead of time.


The right idea at the right time makes all the difference. We create tailored recommendations for you to share time with your connections and show that you care .

Protecting your time

Your relationships are important. We help you prioritise them by protecting time in your calendar.

Monaru helps you:

Plan a birthday gift weeks in advance so when the day arrives you can relax and enjoy the smiles.

Keep up with your oldest friend, even if they do live on the other side of the world.

Remember to call home regularly to see how everyone is getting on.

A week with  Monaru

Sunday morning

You receive an email from Monaru with your weekly plan, along with important events you should keep in mind.

Wednesday afternoon

Your friend's birthday is coming up. We've protected some time in your calendar to choose a gift, along with a few suggestions.

Friday night

It’s date night! You'll be heading along with a few ideas for a spontaneous gift to pick up along the way.

Saturday morning

Family is important. We find some time for you to call home and make sure you're up to date with everything that's happening.

Be the most thoughtful person you know.

Keep track of your family, a significant other and your closest friends

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